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Management Committee  

Members of the Management Committee

1. Ms. Kalpana Choudhary, Data Analyst, Asia Pacific RHDR Initiative, HDRC, UNDP India

2. Ms. Anuradha Rajivan, Program Co-ordinator, Asia Pacific RHDR Initiative, HDRC, UNDP India

3. Ms. Tricia Iskandar, Technical Officer, Bureau of Programme Coordination and External Relations, UNDP

4. Dr. Iwan Gunawan, Senior Officer and Head, ASEAN Secretariat

5. Mr. Kyo Naka, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Philippines

Advisory Panel

Members of the advisory panel

  1. Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, Member of the Parliament, Thailand (subject to confirmation of attendance)
  2. Dr. Adrianus Mooy, Former Executive Secretary of the UNESCAP Indonesia
  3. Dr. Mohammed Ariff, Executive Director, Malaysian Institute of Economic Research
  4. Dr. Vo Tri Thanh, Central Institute for Economic Management, Vietnam
  5. Mr. Hakan Bjorkman, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Thailand

Research Manager

The Philippine Institute for Development Studies is the Research Manager for this project.

The research manager is expected to: 

  1. Ensure the timely production of the SEA HDR following an overall research work plan agreed by all participating research institutions; and
  2. Consolidate the research outputs to ensure coherence and consistency with an overall conceptual framework.

Specific Tasks:

In close consultation with UNDP Philippines and with the approval of the Management Committee whenever appropriate, the Research Manager will carry out the following specific tasks:

  1. Lead and organize discussions between and among partner research institutions/experts to ensure substantive coherence in all stages of the report preparation.
  2. Follow-up on the submission of research outputs of partner research institutions, experts and inputs from participating countries/national focal points
  3. Disseminate all inputs to the members of the Regional Core Group (consists of lead research institutions in the Philippines), the Advisory Panel, and the Management Committee for their review and comment.
  4. Document all comments and input papers
  5. Ensure the inclusion/ consideration of comments and suggestions on the reportís content when and where appropriate
  6. Set up a website and facilitate e-group discussions for dissemination, discussion, review and other communication process
  7. Constitute an editorial team with the approval of the Mancom
  8. Coordinate the final publication of the report with APRI/HDRC and the publishing house, including the copyediting, review and approval of the book and cover design
  9. Designate a focal point that will be responsible for coordination and liaision work


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